Atmosphere – ‘Flicker’

Yeah I been drinkin’, You already know
Do I smell like escape? Probably so


This song is a tribute to Michael Larsen, stage name Eyedea, who passed away on October 16th 2010.








At 45 feet high by 45 feet wide, Graft (2008–2009) by American sculptor Roxy Paine, Made from more than 8,000 components, the stainless steel structure—which weighs approximately 16,000 pounds is in the Sculpture Garden at the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC

Took this picture last year, standing underneath it, an amazing piece of Art

Born From Ruins

Born From Ruins


‘I live in my heart, my head, in the past and in the future all at once. My body feels as if it has seen a hundred million years and yet is new. I miss everyone I have ever loved at every moment. The universe is so large and unforgiving that all we can do is hold on and take care of one another…because in the end we are just dust and more dust, born from ruins.’ – Monica Canilao, 2014

Paintings, collage, mixed media works and installations of Monica Canilao emerge along with her site-specific work, found objects, paper works, quilts and photographs, telling the story of eternity, universe and everlasting cycles of spiritual life. Born From Ruins will be the first Los Angeles exhibition for the Oakland based artist, presenting a vast and diverse collection of her work, of which the Shibari themed photography will be shown for the first time in public.


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