Kim Joon

Kim Joon

Amazing body art by Kim Joon, want to get to know more about him.!bio/c240r


The Thought of Thinking

by Bear Kirkpatrick

‘This series, created between 2007 and 2011, went afield looking for evidence in the modern world of Mircea Eliade’s evocation of the Hierophany, a tear in the fabric of the profane world that showed a glimpse of the sacred world behind it. All that lives and breathes, dies, is part of a cycle of life and death, is a natural part of the profane world. The sacred world exists as a memory of a place before death, in illo tempore.’

Through Hollow Lands

is a collaboration between Etta Lilienthal and Ben Zamora, both installation artists who have worked on many striking stage sets. Their latest work is a labyrinthic installation called ‘Through Hollow Lands’ at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. Made of 200 suspended fluorescent tubes, the bright geometric piece has a quite futuristic feel to it.