The Battle of Unnumbered Tears



or ‘The Nirnaeth Arnoediad’ by  Ted Nasmith


Stolen Sweets

Stolen Sweets

Enoch Bolles
(1883 – 1976)

Art-Deco pin-up master. Worked exclusively as a cover artist, painting oils for Film Fun, Screen Romances, Stolen Sweets, Gay Book, Judge, Titter, Cupid’s Capers, Live Stories, Tattle Tales, Gay Parisienne, and the endless “Stories”: Pep, Breezy, Snappy, Bedtime, Spicy. Often did premier issues.

Excellent portraiturist, using the faces (and figures) of young starlets like Myrna Loy, Ida Lupino, etc. Admired by, among others, Alberto Vargas, who has been mistaken for Bolles in one famous and continuing case (see below). Rumor is he died insane. Not true. Suffered a stroke, 1938, and retired to Florida (he was a Florida native). Continued to be published for a number of years.

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